Removing Barriers to Hearing

20% Of Americans Struggle With Hearing Loss

How Can I Help?

The Solution: Hearing Loops

A hearing loop is a physical loop of specialized wire installed in any size room. Hearing loops are discrete -- Only known by people needing hearing assistance. No boxes, headphones, or unsanitary equipment. Only your hearing aids or cochlear implants are required to obtain crystal clear sound you need to hear to believe.

Hearing Loops are safe for everyone, even for those with implanted medical devices.

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Hearing Aid Only
(No Hearing Loop)


Hearing Aid Using
A Hearing Loop

Audio files courtesy of Juliette Sterkens, AuD, National Hearing Loop Advocate

How Do I Get Started?

If you would like to learn more about getting a hearing loop for your facility, we'd love to hear from you. You can Contact Us to learn more, or receive a demo at our facility to hear the difference for yourself.

If you don't own a facility, but would like to utilize hearing loop technology, contact your facility's administrator and direct them to our website. Also, make sure to share the news on social media and with your friends to help spread the word!

More Info About Hearing Loops
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This sign is the globally recognized symbol that a hearing loop is installed.