Hearing Loops For Business

Reach Every Customer

In business, every customer matters. There is a growing population of people with hearing loss, and they might decide to choose your competitors if they have an environment that is better suited for people with hearing loss.

With a hearing loop, you'll be at the top of their list. Hearing Loops are the most convenient and highest quality form of hearing assistance available.

A few different uses for a hearing loop in businesses include:

  • Bank Tellers and Pharmacists discussing confidential information with a customer
  • Meeting Areas or Business Conferences where employees and/or potential customers could benefit
  • A Drive-Through, either at a fast food restaurant, bank, or pharmacy. Drive-Thrus are particularly hard to hear for a lot of people

You can gain the competitive edge over your competitors, as well as doing the right thing for so many people struggling with hearing loss.

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Related Testimonial

We've installed My Hearing Loop technology as a better way to serve our customers with hearing loss. We've found out that it's worked very well. Very positive responses... In the short time that we've had this technology available, we've had a couple customers that have had a great experience. The first thing that I heard from one of them was "Wow! This is awesome!". Another customer thought that we should consider implementing this in other locations... perhaps the drive-through, and that's definitely something we want to look into.