Hearing Loops For Health Care

Protect Patient Privacy

In today's age of patient privacy there exists a crucial need to help patients who suffer from hearing loss. Patients prefer to have their personal information kept private but this is frequently not the case when medical professionals and other staff members raise their voice to communicate with the patient.

There's no need to raise your voice with a hearing loop! Audio from a microphone is sent directly to a patient's hearing aids or cochlear implants. In the health care industry, hearing loops enhance patient comfort and privacy. Including:

  • Doctors discussing sensitive information with a patient during an exam or procedure
  • Pharmacists discussing personal medication over the counter or at the drive through
  • Front Desk Staff discussing appointments or updating confidential information at the front desk

There are many more cases where protecting patient privacy is critical. You can stay ahead of the ever-changing HPPA compliance requirements by investing in the best hearing assistance technology available for your patients.

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Related Testimonial

Last year, when we opened our new clinic building for High Point Family Medicine in Lancaster, we included a hearing loop in our waiting room, our reception area, as well as two of our patient rooms... when Mike explained how simple that was to utilize the hearing loop with his installation and the hearing aids that most of our patients already have, it seemed like a natural way to provide a benefit, or service, to our patients. When I can speak in a normal voice, or one of my nurses or staff can speak in a normal voice, and be close to the patient and be clearly understood, it makes for better communication and there's less likelihood of things being overheard that are private or personal in nature.