Client Testimonials

“The audio from the hearing loop installed by “My Hearing Loop”, Platteville, is clear and distortion free. There is no static as commonly experienced with FM hearing assistance. No boxes or cables are needed. The T-coil in your hearing aid syncs with the hearing loop magnetic field and is marvelous. No background noise!

Mike Mair and his team were exceptional in all areas. Mike deserves a 10+ in customer service from his initial consultation through the final installation. Mike was readily available for questions, explanations and provided excellent advice to fulfill our needs. Our confessional now has a loop too! I highly recommend Mike Mair, owner of My Hearing Loop, LLC.”

"A young mother walked into our church office after our first worship service in our newly renovated Sanctuary. Her 4-year-old daughter has a cochlear implant. Tears were streaming down the mother's cheeks. The hearing loop enabled her daughter to hear the praise band music and every spoken word clearly for the first time. Our hearing loop serves everyone from ages 4 to 94."

Mike and his loop team did an excellent job installing our hearing loop system at St. James Catholic Church in Madison. It was installed and working flawlessly within 3 days. Mike was able to work through some challenging issues that were encountered since our church is a very old building. Mike conducted an evening orientation to introduce the loop system to our parishioners. I would highly recommend “My Hearing Loop” based out of Platteville if you are considering the purchase of a hearing loop.

St. James Catholic Church
Madison, Wisconsin

"My Hearing Loop from Platteville recently installed a hearing loop during our Sanctuary renovation. Several parishioners have come up to us amazed with the experience of finally being able to hear at Mass. They can hear the everything now with ease, even the sound of pages turning. We were surprised to learn that prior to the hearing loop poor hearing was an obstacle to their participation at Mass. Now with our Sanctuary hearing loop, we are taken aback by their gratitude for finally being able to hear at Mass."

Father Jay Poster & Father Jared Holzhuter

“A senior citizen couple are regulars with the wife always ordering for both. The wife asked about the Hearing Loop sign in front of the cash register. She mentioned her husband was hard of hearing and I offered him a chance to try the loop. He was able to order his meal and answer questions we had regarding his order. The wife thanked us and the gentleman had a broad smile after ordering.” Mike Wang - General Manager. Platteville A & W

"A woman came into the Taco John's to place her food order. An employee greeted her, but she looked wide eyed and confused. She said, "I can hear you. How can I hear you?”  I listened as our employee explained how the hearing loop worked, and that it was transmitting his voice directly to her hearing aid, while cutting out most of the background noise. She was ecstatic. He explained that the Hearing Loop was something that several businesses in town were installing to help their customers hear better. She ordered her food, enjoyed her meal, and before leaving, thanked the employee and the company for doing such a wonderful thing for the community.  I had no interaction with this customer but seeing the pride and joy on my employee's face after the exchange, and how happy the customer was, is all the reward that was needed for installing the hearing loop."

"I have very significant hearing loss. When I experienced the hearing loop it was the difference of night and day. The change was dramatic. I don't have to strain at all to hear. The hearing loop has made me realize that I can enjoy so many more things now. I know I'm not alone. I'm just thankful that there is something like the hearing loop that can make my life better. Try a hearing loop. It will make such a change in your life. I would encourage anyone to just speak up as they are many of us (with hearing loss) out there then I think the general population knows.

"The hearing loop has provided freedom for me. If there were more hearing loops installed in businesses and places that have events around town I would be much more willing to go and enjoying as I would understand what people are saying. If a business had a hearing loop, for me, it would be a deciding factor to go to that business because I could hear."

"When I first heard about hearing loops I became very interested but did not think there was much hearing loss in our congregation as people don't talk about their hearing loss. I have learned that hearing loss is a common problem in congregations. People (with hearing loss) typically don't let anybody know that they can't hear the service so they eventually trickle away because they are not getting anything out of worship. I would encourage anyone with a hearing loss to go to their pastor, their priest or leadership of their church to tell them about the hearing loop."

My Hearing Loop exceeded even my expectations. I was very happy with the system and I know that many of the parishioners are too. Since it's been up and running, about the last month maybe, there will be somebody usually every weekend, probably even every mass, that will make a comment about what a great investment this was and how glad they were that we were able to get My Hearing Loop installed at the parish here.

We've installed My Hearing Loop technology as a better way to serve our customers with hearing loss. We've found out that it's worked very well. Very positive responses... In the short time that we've had this technology available, we've had a couple customers that have had a great experience. The first thing that I heard from one of them was "Wow! This is awesome!". Another customer thought that we should consider implementing this in other locations... perhaps the drive-through, and that's definitely something we want to look into.

We recently added a hearing loop in the parish. It adds greatly to the church services here and the ability to hear... I was really amazed, and blown away, about the quality of the hearing that came through the system... I also have a cochlear implant and it will come through that system too. I know it means a lot to a lot of older people, or generally people that have profound loss like I do. It's just a difference between day and night as far as understanding the quality of speech. It's a great blessing to me and to others.

Last year, when we opened our new clinic building for High Point Family Medicine in Lancaster, we included a hearing loop in our waiting room, our reception area, as well as two of our patient rooms... when Mike explained how simple that was to utilize the hearing loop with his installation and the hearing aids that most of our patients already have, it seemed like a natural way to provide a benefit, or service, to our patients. When I can speak in a normal voice, or one of my nurses or staff can speak in a normal voice, and be close to the patient and be clearly understood, it makes for better communication and there's less likelihood of things being overheard that are private or personal in nature.

First Congregational Church purchased a hearing loop during our 2017 chapel renovation which made our new multi-purpose space accessible for those with hearing loss. Mike Mair, owner of My Hearing Loop LLC from Platteville made this an easy sell to our congregation as they have experienced the success of the hearing loop Mr. Mair designed for our Sanctuary in 2012. The hearing loop offers an unobtrusive tool to make sure that those with hearing loss are included in both the worship experience and every event held in the renovated chapel.

First Congregational UCC

A few senior citizen members stopped attending worship at Blue River UMC despite the fact that they wore hearing aids and we have a good sound system. Mike Mair, owner of “My Hearing Loop” in Platteville suggested installing a hearing loop. The results were amazing! The congregation says that my sermon is crystal clear without annoying background noise they often experience with hearing aids. We are now reaching out to the community encouraging those with hearing loss to attend worship!

Blue River United Methodist Church

Mike Mair, owner of “My Hearing Loop” recently added a hearing loop for hearing assistance that works with a parishioner’s own hearing aids. What a tremendous technology!! The new hearing loop allows ALL people to deeply enjoy the reading of God’s holy word, the music, the homily, the entire service. We feel truly blessed to have a hearing loop at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church.

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church