Hearing Loops For Worship

Perfect For Places of Worship

There are a large number of churchgoers who have stopped attending services due to hearing loss that prevents them from clearly hearing the message. Hearing loops are the perfect solution for all places of worship.

Places of worship are an ideal location for hearing loops for several reasons:

  • Annoying background noise rendering speech unintelligible is the number one complaint for those who wear hearing aids.
  • Many churches are large spaces with high ceilings. Echoes and reflections from amplified audio is a form of background noise.
  • Every church has members who suffer from hearing loss. Church leaders rarely know who these members are.
  • Aging church members often stop attending worship services as they are unable to "hear" the message.
  • Hearing loss is an invisible disability. Visitors may not feel welcome if their need to hear intelligible sound is not met.
  • Hearing loops are the perfect solution to attract visitors. Clergy are often surprised by the increase in visitors.
  • Hearing loops reveal to the community that a church is inclusive.

Financial Assistance Is Available!

If you have a Catholic church that is part of the Diocese of Madison, grants are available through the Apostolate for Persons with Disabilities. The Apostolate for Persons With Disabilities has a fund to support the full inclusion of people with disabilities in the life of the Church. Hearing assistance falls in this category. Contact Us or visit the Apostolate for Persons With Disabilities website for more information.

The online form to fill out for the grant may only take 10 minutes to fill out.

Apply For A Grant

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